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A Brighter Candle
Free Christian business and spiritual articles and a line of healthier and organic products.
A Kids Heart
Free Christian resources for teachers and children.
Blue Letter Bible

Do free Scripture searches in many different versions of the Bible; do concordance searches and find many other free resources to help you as you study the Bible.

Life For Kids
Christian Adoption Agency in Winter Park, FL
Northland - A Church Distributed

Located  in the Orlando FL suburb of Longwood, it is a large non-denominational church whose guiding principle is "bringing people to maturity in Christ" -- not only in central Florida but in all the world. It is where I have attended since 1993. Dr. Steve Brown ( is a frequent guest preacher at Northland. Also, on occasion I attend R. C. Sproul's church, St. Andrew's Chapel in Sanford.

 I usually attend Northland on Sunday evenings. On Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings I often meet with organic/simple churches in the homes of 12 to 20 or so Jesus-followers. For more about organic/simple church check out the writings of John Fenn (, Terry Stanley or Neil Cole. Organic/simple churches model themselves after the First Century Church which met in homes. All the letters of the New Testament were written by men who worshipped in homes to others in house/home churches. For the scriptural basis of home church worship see First Corinthians 14:26.

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