Carl Austin, Christian mental health therapist, speaks about depression and coping, helping clients find the real, but nearly always unwelcome, blessing inside the experience of clinical depression.

        The "unwelcome blessing" in all of our lives is pain, be it spiritual pain or psychological pain or physical pain.  What I primarily address in this book are the trials of emotional pain such as depression, grief, loneliness and fear. 

        C.S. Lewis once said that pain is "God's megaphone" to a deaf world.  Pain gets our attention like almost nothing else -- ask anyone with a toothache -- and we are either  consumed by the misery it creates, or we focus on escaping it thru addictive or other dysfunctional behaviors. 

         Yet for some, the unwelcome pain becomes the unsought path to a deeper relationship with God, a means to a more authentic life, and a way to form a deep connection with other hurting people and to serve them.  The very thing most people dread most -- emotional pain -- can turn out to be the doorway to their deepest experience of blessing.

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